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PiCK Music is The Best Place for Music Lessons in York Area!!

PiCK Music was established in 1999 to provide a professional studio environment for dedicated music teachers and students. It was founded by Priscilla C. King and named PiCK Music using the initials PCK, and for the definition of pick - choice, select.

 We are committed to providing the best possible opportunity for music lessons in a professional setting. Our primary goal is to promote excellence in music through private studio instruction. Private instruction will focus on developing solid fundamentals on the instrument, understanding of the elements of music and skills required for musical performance.

Outstanding Teachers

PiCK Music Teachers are full time professional musicians and teachers with the education and experience you should expect from a professional studio. 

Teacher Profiles

 Excellent Facilities

PiCK Music provides an excellent environment for private studio instruction, with 5 well equipped teaching studios, ventilated, and quiet to allow for required concentration in lessons. The size and acoustics of the lobby area make it a great place for rehearsals, recitals & informal performances.

Our waiting area is such a comfortable place to escape the hustle bustle of life that you won't want to leave. You can curl up on the sofa and read, nap in the recliner, or catch up on some work at the table. .

PiCK Music Teacher Contact List

For general inquires, call the studio 717-266-8942,
or  you may contact the teachers directly


PC King  Trumpet: 717-266-0665     Contact

Wes Snyder  Trumpet: 717-968-2230   Contact


Chuck Schuman Clarinet, Sax, Flute: 717-225-1707 Contact

Dave Wilson Sax, Clarinet, Flute and Jazz: 717-581-0153  Contact

Dave Yinger Clarinet, Sax, Flute, Jazz: Phone-717-856-5056  Contact


Rachel Kauffman Cello: (717) 266-7498 Contact

For general information, contact Priscilla King. Telephone 717-266-0665  (home office)   


 Teacher Profiles Music Lessons Musicians


PiCK Music ≡ Musicians Count

We start 'em young around here!! - for fun pictures:  kids playing slide trumpet


Send mail to pcking@pickmusic.net with questions or comments.
Last modified: October 28, 2009